Company Policy:

It is the policy of Nepal Safety Centre to provide our clients with the confidence that it will deliver the level of service required to fulfill the client’s specifications on time and cost effective manner.

Our objective is to operate an effective, well documented and controlled system which will elicit customer satisfaction.

  • Nepal Safety Centre shall ensure all schedules are fully resourced with adequately trained and qualified personnel.

  • Our aim is to lead by example, encourage team work and provide trainings to the personnel.

  • Employees will actively be encouraged to contribute to the continuous improvements and development of the company.

  • Nepal Safety Centre will establish and maintain good working relationship with our clients and suppliers to ensure continuity and quality of service.

  • Nepal Safety Centre aim to be the benchmark within the organization and continue to build on the reputation of quality, reliability and commitment.

HSE Policy:

Nepal Safety Centre is highly concerned about the health and safety failures which has inspired to work hard to minimize the death and disability either in workplace or in personal life. Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the natural environment is a core value of Nepal Safety Centre.

Our policy requires the following:

  • Prevention of injury and ill health of our employees, clients and other persons who may be affected by our activities.

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and the policies, standards and practices of the corporation.

  • Implement and periodically evaluate HSE Management system in order to reduce risks and continually improve the effectiveness of our HSE procedures.

  • Contributing to the effective protection of the environment and promoting the recycling of waste.

  • Controlling and reducing waste and pollution from our operations.

Quality Policy:

Nepal Safety Centre believes that “Quality leads to business growth through reputation“. Nepal Safety Centre is committed to provide professional standard through its quality of products and services to meet the International standard in a business.

Our policy requires the following:

  • Identify, implement and maintain quality of a company to meet professional standard as per clients’ requirement.

  • Continuous study, review and improvement of products and services to meet the requirement of ISO standard.

  • Committed to supply quality products and services to the customer.

  • To follow Quality Management System.

To make our employee aware of this policy and ensure this is implemented in each and every aspect.