Welcome to Nepal Safety Center

This is safety oriented organization established with the aim of promoting the importance of health and safety awareness to the general people which helps to minimize the number of injuries/deaths occurred due to safety failures. Nepal Safety Centre is established in 2011 A.D. and it’s a registered company.


To Build Incident & Injury Free Nation.


  • To promote and implement HSE standards in Nepal.
  • To deliver effective courses like HSE Courses, Fire Prevention Courses, Scaffolding Courses etc with the aim of minimizing fire and safety failures.
  • To run safety awareness campaigns in different regions of Nepal.

Why Nepal Safety Centre?

Nepal Safety Centre is the only registered Safety Centre delivering various HSE, Fire Prevention and Scaffolding Courses in Nepal. It supplies not only fire extinguishers but also has facilities of inspection, refilling and servicing by qualified and experienced technician. It supplies safety items like Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), Fire Extinguishers and accessories, Fire and safety related miscellaneous equipments which comply with International Standard.